The Vision Is Blurry

Midweek Thoughts 09/11/13 

Wednesday… Let’s go.

1. American League Wild Card Race: Despite the loss last night, The Orioles still sit 2 games out for the final wild card spot. I hope they get it together with these wins that they need to bring on home. Last night, I really don’t respect the Yankees win since they have a suspended player in their lineup. If that was anyone else, they would be gone with no questions asked.

2. Syria Conflicts: I really don’t discuss issues on politics but I wish there was a more diplomatic way of solving these crises. It’s said that things have to turn out this way.

3. Kendrick Lamar vs. Meek Mill: I’m really enjoying how some rappers (the ones that can actually rap) are taking more pride in their art. It seems as if things are heating up between K Dot and Meek Mill, as Kendrick responded to Meek Mill’s diss track towards him during his NYC show. It would really be interesting if Kendrick goes to Philly and say he run shit there. Even Jim Ross would say business has picked up then.

4. Jimmy Kimmel Trolled Us All: The viral video of the young lady catching fire after twerking up against the door was reveal to be a troll by Jimmy Kimmel. The late night television host showed the extended clip which fooled us all.

5. 9/11 Remembrance: We all have somber thoughts about the tragedy that occurred twelve years ago. But what really makes me scratch my head is all the “love” that I’m seeing when you’ll be back to hating each other the next day. Cut it out.

P.S. Arsenio Hall — NO. Just NO. You had your run back in the late 80′s/early 90′s but the new show, not a good look.

Midweek Thoughts 04/10/13 

A lot has been going on in the world and I’ll try to see if I could remember slightly what I wanted to say.

1. Meek Mill Has Got To Chill: The Philly rapper decided to speak out on the backlash his boss is receiving in light of his rap lyrics, claiming ‘it was just hip hop’. He also went on to speak on the blogs and other outlets that’s been critical of Ross calling them ‘weirdos’ plus saying that ‘rap’s always been talking about killing, drugs, all types of stuff.’ I understand that Meek is riding for his boss but due to this sensitive nature, he might want to back off. It also seems as if Ace Hood is riding for Ross as well. Crazy.

2. Dolph Ziggler Is Your New World Heavyweight Champion: Seeing Dolph Ziggler capture the WHC on Monday was just great for fans of the self-proclaimed ‘Best In The World’. Now here’s hoping that he’s not made to look like a weak champion. That would truly suck.

3. SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!: About to make weekly trips to Rita’s and watch all the pretty ladies walk by. #HeyBooHey

4. Ray J Needs To Just Let It Go: No pun on his single from the Set It Off soundtrack but he’s showing that ‘bitchassness’ Puffy was talking about years ago. The single ‘I Hit It First’ is laughable. Now he’s hiding his hands and copping pleas like a bitch.

5. Procrastination: I hate the fact that I allow this to get to me. Ideas steady flowing then I say fuck it and just forget about it. Woe is me.

Midweek Thoughts 1/9/2013

1. Honey Nut Cheerios: Apparently, Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics made a reference to Lala, the wife of NY Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony as the second best tasting brand of Cheerios (Frosted being the first, IDC!). Carmelo went to approach him after the game at the Celtics locker room and at their team bus. Since then, Anthony stated that those two smoothed things over. But still fades should have been caught. Those who thing Carmelo wouldn’t have done anything, must have forgotten about this.

2. Murder Mook: Dawg what the fuck is this?

murder mook

Cats are weird man.

3. Speaking of Rappers: I like how Meek Mill is backing down er… not focusing on this battle with Cassidy. Cassidy got the best of Meek on the latest diss track, R.A.I.D.

4. NFL Playoffs – Divisional Round: After handling the Colts, the Baltimore Ravens travel to the Mile High City to face the Denver Broncos on Saturday. I know mostly everyone is favoring the Broncos to win this but I have a great feeling that the Ravens can pull this win out.

5. We’re Back: After a few months of being on hiatus, the podcast Real Talk With Mo and Neo will be returning this week. Hopefully, I can get that on a broader platform so that it can reach more listeners. But yeah, it will be great to chop it up with Cuzzo again. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to discuss.

Who or what is Wale looking at?

Who or what is Wale looking at?