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Rapper Threats and Recorded Calls.


A few days ago, Complex released their Top 50 Albums of 2013 list and absent from the list was D.C. rapper Wale, who scored a #1 album this past summer with the release of The Gifted. Wale was reportedly upset about the exclusion called the Complex offices and voiced some unpleasant words to their editors. In turn, Complex recorded the call and posted it on their website. Everyone and their mama had an opinion whether it was Wale was whining over a snub or did Complex pull a punk move and just to get publicity and website hits.

Here’s the thing: This isn’t the first time that Wale has been in the predicament. Three years ago, Wale when into a rant when he called up Baltimore’s 92Q (WERQ) and blasted Porkchop and Squirrel Wyde about some comments that was made in an interview with local rapper Bossman. Bossman was really coming at his neck so I understand why he snapped like that. So when this incident occurred with Complex, it really didn’t surprise me.

Wale’s been trying to earn his props for years. From the days of “W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.” and “Nike Boots”, he’s built a solid base. The Mixtape About Nothing got him notoriety from mainstream media. Me personally, I still enjoy Back To The Feature and Attention Deficit. Critics of his music think he’s one of these soft rappers and that he’s too poetic. In an interview on Hot 97, Wale stated that he felt that the Complex snub was ‘personal’. Could have Wale gone about this differently? Pretty much so but when you’re upset, you don’t think straight when it comes to your actions. Yes, Wale did score a #1 album but to this date, he’s only sold 320k. Maybe he should have went with “Clappers” as a debut single and video, but hey shit happens.

Could have Complex played things differently and dealt with the Wale issue behind the scenes? They could have but when you want traffic to your site, some opportunities present themselves. Over the course of history, rappers have had run ins with journalists over interviews, album reviews, etc. Just because one magazine didn’t fuck with your album doesn’t mean the others don’t. Using threats to make your point just puts you in a bad light depending on how it came across. It seems as if cooler heads prevailed and no one got hurt. Wale did appear on Saturday Night Live that weekend in a music sketch with Jay Pharoah.

"Because that booty mad thick behind your juicy ass lips
I’m trying to get you hot and wet you know Jacuzzi that shit
Then I’m bustin’ like an uzi in this bougie ass chick
The only reason that I put up with this moody ass bitch
Is… you."
J. Cole from Wale’s “I’d Rather Be With You” (Vagina Is for Lovers)
Oh so “Bad” the Tiara Thomas version won’t be on there. Got it.

Oh so “Bad” the Tiara Thomas version won’t be on there. Got it.

"Highly unstoppable, nothin’s un-coppable
Tito Santana matador ain’t equipped to stop the bull
Proud of product pulled over nigga not be scorned
Around here I am the goat like the Capricorn
New grove, still bitches don’t know this a flaw
Cause my hoes in the X like they model for cars
Here to change the whole game due to all the bull
Initial plays wasn’t cool so we audible
I’m Bald Bull to my Little Mack competition
You gon’ need a couple stars to get your first victor
Word picture, hurt niggaz, young verse killer
Fist pleaser, skirt lifter, young Dirk Diggler
Wahlberg +Shooter+, young flow fluid
And my brains travel like Yung Berg jewels"
Wale from ‘Tito Santana’

Midweek Thoughts 02/20/13 

The middle of the week is here and my thoughts are:

1. Wall-Eh Don’t B-Eh So Eh-motional: During last nights Raptors/Wizards game, one of the announcers for the Raptors made a few jokes about Wale. So Wale being the hot head that he is, confronted him during the game. You would think that rappers would learn to not let a few jokes get to them. Oh well. Get over it

2. The Trial of Oscar Pistorius: I have a few followers from South Africa and this trial is the major buzz in that area. But the circumstances surrounding that night is still sketchy. His lawyer, Barry Roux attacked the police department citing their work in the investigation as ‘bumbling and shoddy’. Case continues tomorrow.

3. Unemployed Is The Way To Go: I’m just saying, seems as if being jobless is the currently wave in regards to winning out here.

4. Hot Potato and Pillow Talk: So apparently Weezy had a run on the Adrienne Bosh express and Cam’ron revealed that one of his boys did as well. No kind of discretion.

5. Harlem Shake Craze: This isn’t 2001. So please stop trying to bring it back.

Who or what is Wale looking at?

Who or what is Wale looking at?



Wale and Jermaine.

Wale and Jermaine.